Barrackpore man surrenders to police: ‘I killed Tricia’

 - Vashti Singh
- Vashti Singh

A 51-year-old Barrackpore man surrendered to police on Wednesday and allegedly confessed to killing a 37-year-old woman.

Police said the man walked into the Barrackpore station around 8.30 am and told them he killed Tricia Ramsaran.

When police visited the suspect’s home at Sukhan Trace, Rochard Douglas Road, they found Ramsaran’s naked body covered with a bed sheet.

They believe she was strangled during an altercation with the suspect.

Her mother, Sheila Ramsaran, said the suspect visited her home at Rookmineah Trace South, Lower Barrackpore on Wednesday morning and told relatives he just killed their daughter.

She said, “He said he strangled her and was going to give up himself to the police.”

Sheila said her daughter was living with the suspect for almost five years and they often argued.

“She would leave and come here and stay for months.

“He had a drinking problem and would cuss and carry on. He would embarrass the girl and us.”

The distraught woman claimed she made several reports on behalf of her daughter to the police, but nothing was done.

One of Ramsaran’s colleagues who worked with her at Gulf City Mall, described her as a friendly person but she would often complain about her living situation.

“I know these people, and to think something like that happened again in our village is hard to swallow.

"We thought they found some way to work things out as they both began working separate jobs at Gulf City Mall," he said.

Ramsaran had one child from a previous marriage and the suspect has two children from a previous relationship.

Homicide Bureau Region III and Barrackpore police are investigating.

Photo by- Vashti Singh

Photo by- Vashti Singh

Investigators enter the house where Tricia Ramsaran's body was found at Sukhan Trace, Barrackpore on Wednesday. PHOTO BY VASHTI SINGH - 

Tricia Ramsaran. -


"Barrackpore man surrenders to police: ‘I killed Tricia’"

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