Lovell vows to help Gypsy defeat ‘insane’ UNC

PNM Moruga/Tableland candidate Winston
PNM Moruga/Tableland candidate Winston "Gypsy" Peters chats with incumbent MP Dr Lovell Francis during an opening ceremony for the La Lune Community Centre on Saturday. PHOTO BY MARVIN HAMILTON -

MP for Moruga/Tableland Dr Lovell Francis says he was unbothered after he was replaced by former UNC MP Winston “Gypsy” Peters to contest the seat in the upcoming general election. He said he will be assisting Peters with his campaign.

He made these comments while speaking with the media at the opening ceremony for the La Lune Community Centre, Moruga on Saturday afternoon.

He said he “feels good,” as he knew there is no certainty in any MP being re-chosen after they have served their tenure.

“I have nothing to feel any particular way about,” he said.

Asked what he felt he achieved in the constituency over the past five years, he said, “Well, you’re standing next to it.

“You could basically do a tour from Princes Town and you can see what we’ve achieved. It’s something you could investigate very easily.”

While he said he has been assisting Peters with his campaign thus far, he said the PNM would give him “certain instructions” and he will follow it.

“The PNM is an organised institution where you don’t just go and do whatever you feel. You are given instructions and you follow, that’s how it goes.”

On his political future, he said, “I’m like a bad rash. I’m very hard to get rid of, so I’ll be around.”

Asked if he will remain with the PNM, he replied, “Of course. Is there any other alternative you know of? I don’t see one.

“You have a sane party that cares about development, that cares about growth and we have an insane party that is only there to rob the treasury. So the choice is very simple.

“There is always the case where someone is selected or not selected and there is some disaffection. That is normal. It happens everywhere, every time. But the choice for this country is clear – couldn’t be more crystal. You have one party sane, one party insane. Take your pick.”

Peters said his campaign has been going “fantastic,” in every part of the constituency and that the response has been positive.

When his appointment was initially announced, residents of La Lune Village had staged fiery protests, saying they would not be voting for Peters as they prefer Francis.

Asked about this, Peters said, “Those weren’t protests, those were emotional fallouts.”

He said that reaction was expected.

“Those are not really anything. All the people who were there doing that, we all together now and they’re with me everywhere.”

He said he is “100 per cent sure” he will win.

On his political career, he said, “All political careers are supposed to be interesting. If they are not, then you don’t have a political career.”

He said his vision for the constituency is “any vision the constituents have.”

He said so far, most have indicated they want more opportunities for employment and education.


"Lovell vows to help Gypsy defeat ‘insane’ UNC"

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