Droid Island owner to launch digital age web series

Keron Rose

Photo by Kyle Archibald - Kyle Archibald
Keron Rose Photo by Kyle Archibald - Kyle Archibald

TT-based digital media entrepreneur Keron Rose, owner and tech blogger behind the brand Droid Island, will launch a web series on June 25 to provide Caribbean businesses with vital information for improving their digital solutions.

The Digital Age is a live series conceptualised to inform businesses and personal brands alike on the aspects of online business, focusing on the Caribbean perspective.

Rose said, "With so many tools, systems and platforms for Caribbean Entrepreneurs to leverage in order for them to build their brand awareness and monetize, I have realised that we lack the knowledge to take advantage of these things."

He said the series is more than conversation and will include live reviews and demonstrations of products and tools. The series will give an inside look at digital media platforms to give the Caribbean entrepreneur a first-hand look at how the use of various platforms may be to optimise and transform businesses.

The web series will assist those seeking to start a Youtube channel for monetary gain, podcast creators who have no idea where to begin and those who intend to continue the trend of organising virtual events – a trend popularised by the lockdown during covid19.

Regarding e-commerce – Rose said, "This is globally the preferred way to do business, most businesses do not know how to start getting paid online. We speak with industry experts to show us how their solutions work to allow us to get paid online."

The live weekly show will premier on June 25 at 8 pm.

"We welcome our sponsors Eastern Credit Union and Flow for joining us on this journey to educate the business community, from the small to large businesses."

Rose has worked with companies such as Wipay, Bmobile, Loop, Scotiabank, Huawei, Samsung over the years to create content that educates the Caribbean region on Smartphone & Business technology. Most recently he has joined up with Eastern Credit Union to create workshops for their Today at Eastern brand, which was geared towards educating their members and the public on the new ways to conduct business online.

His focus is to ensure that the Caribbean Entrepreneurs & Business owners are not left behind in the Digital Age.

The show can be viewed via the Keron Rose Facebook & Youtube Page.


"Droid Island owner to launch digital age web series"

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