Bank customer charged after no-mask standoff

Lyndon Mack - TTPS
Lyndon Mack - TTPS

A 39-year-old community activist and businessman has been charged for disorderly behaviour after he was denied entry to Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) on Friday.

Lyndon Mack of Barton Drive, Bon Accord appeared before the Scarborough magistrates virtual court on Friday to answer the charge. Newsday understands Mack went to do business at RBC's Scarborough branch but was not wearing a mask. He was told he could not enter as he was not compliant with the bank's no mask, no service policy.

Mack, who went live on Facebook during his interaction with the security, argued that the policy was not law and said he was being discriminated against. The security eventually called the police. After continuing to argue his point to the police, Mack was cautioned and told to leave the entrance of the bank. Mack continued to plead his case and was eventually arrested. He pleaded not guilty and was granted $5,000 bail. He will reappear in court on August 5.

Speaking to Newsday about the bank's policy, RBC TT managing director Gretchen Camacho-Mohammed said the company is following the guidelines set by the Prime Minister in the fight against covid19.

She said, "We're trying as far as possible to adhere to the guidelines that are being provided. While it's not a law, based on the fact the Prime Minister keeps saying...We have to protect our staff and we have to protect the public. I can't speak for the other banks but we are definitely going according to what Prime Minister Rowley is saying."


"Bank customer charged after no-mask standoff"

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