Point thanks Dillon

THE EDITOR: The people of Point Fortin thank Member of Parliament Edmund Dillon for his yeoman service and dedication to the constituency.

During his term of office Major General Dillon initiated and completed several large projects such as the Mahaica Oval Pavillion, the Techier Community Centre, the Point Fortin Hospital, the highway to Point Fortin and the Point Fortin Fire Station.

Additionally, he was directly involved in the lighting of recreation grounds at Fullerton, Buenos Ayres and Cap-de-Ville. Through his representation the Guapo and New Village Community Centres were refurbished, a landslip at Reservoir Hill was restored and coastal erosion restoration work at Cap-de-Ville was commenced.

He regularised the land tenure situation of Techier Village and Strikers Village residents. He advocated for the completion of the Chatham Government Primary School and the construction of the new Fanny Village Primary School; both projects have started.

These are just a few of the projects among many that Dillon worked on for the benefit of the people of Point Fortin.

Dillon also provided thousands of gifts to children of the constituency annually at Christmas and assisted with books and school bags at the beginning of each school term. He looked after the welfare of senior citizens in the constituency and interacted with the youths, sharing his experience in youth development based on a foundation of discipline.

Dillon, notwithstanding his heavy workload firstly as the minister of national security and secondly as the Minister of Housing and Urban Development, saw many people at his MP office in Point Fortin weekly and at times at his Cedros and Buenos Ayres offices. He displayed humility, discipline and respect and was always willing to assist people who visited his offices. At times he would remain until midnight looking after the interest of his constituency.

It is noteworthy to point out that when Dillon appeared before the party’s screening committee the data from the Point Fortin Constituency Group showed that the majority of votes from executives were for him: 13 for, two for the other candidate and nine abstentions. He got full support from the Youth League and the majority of votes from the party groups 16 to 1.

When the screening committee directed the Point Fortin executive to widen the scope of candidates, the executive did not inform the members that Dillon was still being considered and as such they were of the belief they then had to consider the new participants only and some people voted again.

However, the votes received by those who offered themselves were still below what was received by Dillon, as follows: Donald Denoon, 12; Adelle Acosta, five; Kennedy Richards, one; Leslie Chang Fong, none; Bryanna Fortune John, none. These individuals had no party group nomination at the time of voting of the executive. Eight members of the executive did not participate in the voting.

While it is the prerogative of the national screening committee to select the candidate for the constituency, we the people of Point Fortin wish once again to thank Dillon for his dedication to serving the people of TT in general and Point Fortin in particular.

Grateful residents

of Point Fortin


"Point thanks Dillon"

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