Let’s be rational about covid19

THE EDITOR: The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) puts the covid19 fatality rate at 0.4 per cent and the asymptomatic rate at 35 per cent. Therefore, according to the CDC, the actual fatality rate is 0.26 per cent, similar to the fatality rate for the flu (0.1 per cent).

The World Health Organization usually puts forward a worst-case scenario as a precautionary measure. It predicted that the world population would be decimated by AIDS. When life is a concern it is a prudent strategy.

I am not saying ignore covid19 but it is impossible for life to prosper under the rules enacted in response to covid19.

Although social distancing seems like a good idea there is no scientifc peer review studies to support this measure.

Businesses’ profits will be greater with a crowd. Most restaurants will not be profitable with just 20 people at a time. They will have to lay off some workers. This is true for most businesses. In general, social distancing will cause thousands to lose their jobs.

As a teacher, how will I help a student who does not understand a concept without getting close and demonstrating the concept?

With regard to the wearing of masks in public, that needs to be relaxed because it is difficult to breathe with a face mask on. Long-term use of masks is unhealthy because of the build-up of carbon dioxide. A better suggestion is a face shield. This will also enhance communicating with others, especially for teaching.

As resilient humans we must adapt. Balancing the economic and health concerns is vital. People at risk should be encouraged to take precautions and good hygiene is a good idea but life must go on. We must eat so we must open the economy. In terms of international tourists, we must request a covid19-free test within 48 hours and check the temperature of all arrivals.

Covid19 will not just vanish. Humanity has faced bigger threats like Ebola, coronary artery disease, AIDS, category 5 hurricanes and thrived. Let’s be rational.


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"Let’s be rational about covid19"

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