Des Vignes accuses Minority of trying to hoodwink Tobagonians

Leader of Assembly Business Kwesi Des Vignes -
Leader of Assembly Business Kwesi Des Vignes -

Leader of Assembly Business Kwesi Des Vignes has accused the Minority of trying to hoodwink Tobagonians.

He was contributing on Thursday to debate on a motion moved by Minority Leader Watson Duke, calling for the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) to make its own laws.

In the motion, Duke complained about the THA’s inability to make laws after 40 years of existence. Des Vignes believes the motion is designed to rob Tobagonians of their dreams, “what we deserve and what we have put out there that we want.

“Madame Presiding Officer (Vanessa Cutting-Thomas), some people playing smart with stupidness,” he declared.

“This is a deliberate attempt to hoodwink the people of Tobago ahead of a couple elections.”

Des Vignes, who is the also the Secretary for Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment, accused the Duke-led Progressive Democratic Patriots of “parading all over the place taking about independence for Tobago.”

He described as piecemeal, the PDP’s approach to governance.

Des Vignes recalled the frenzy that was caused by Duke’s “swim protest” in August 2017 to highlight the problems on the sea and air bridge.

“Madame Presiding Officer, it reminds me of a story my grandmother told me that sometime ago, this man say they going to swim to Trinidad and when he dive in the water, he jump on a boat, a jet ski, and say they swim to Trinidad.”

He added: “That is not what the people want. They are trying to hoodwink the people with those types of Houdini acts that I say I am going to do this and then I actually go and do that.”

Des Vignes further accused the Minority of “living in a fantasy world chasing unicorns and leprechauns.”


"Des Vignes accuses Minority of trying to hoodwink Tobagonians"

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