Black pain in the neck

BC Pires
BC Pires


EVERY Donald Trump-voting American who saw Monday’s shocking video of the white police officer with his knee on the neck of the now-late George Floyd, an African American, is rightfully outraged. The dead black Minneapolis man, George Floyd, like the dead black New Yorker, Eric Garner, before him, can clearly be heard begging the white police officer to spare his life, saying, over and over, for the full eight minutes it took him to die, “Please, Sir, I can’t breathe.”

The righteous rage sparked by the incident is literally white hot.

On Tuesday, you see, all four police officers who had arrived at the scene of what was or at least clearly became a crime to arrest George Floyd (who, allegedly, had tried to pass a counterfeit US$20-bill) were fired by the Minneapolis police chief.

And every God-fearing, Trump-voting man in America (and every Trini who puts on his MAGA hat the moment his plane touches down in Florida) is itching to take to the streets of American cities to protest such a horrible event, with their locked-and-loaded assault weapons, and wearing face masks for the first time since the covid19 crisis began.

How, Trump voters and Trini Trump lackeys want to know, can four white police officers, so crucial to the rule of law that keeps black people, sorry, crime, at bay, lose their jobs over the death of one non-deposit or throwaway Negro? Especially a death that many Trump voters and probably the Trump Attorney General and certainly the local Trump sycophants would insist was accidental!

At most, Trump supporters say, only one police officer should face any kind of meaningless show trial at all, because only one officer had a knee on George Floyd’s neck, as a kind of a gentle massage therapy, and the white officer should not be blamed because black necks just aren’t as strong as white knees.

And even that one white cop (who probably broke George Floyd’s windpipe with his knee) should go free because the video plainly shows that the officer was merely genuflecting, as any good Christian would, while he prayed to God for guidance over how to handle the vicious gangster he had barely managed to subdue.

The late George Floyd, Trump voters say, almost undoubtedly had a serious criminal record, and probably for extremely violent felonies which were very likely to include the rape of white Southern women, the destruction of the Confederate flag and the support of the Democrat witch-hunt impeachment.

The video also clearly shows that it was the animal, George Floyd, who was probably out on bail, who was actually assaulting the police officer, by viciously pressing his neck into the officer’s knee. The video clearly reveals that, for several seconds immediately before he passes out and dies, George Floyd squeezed his eyebrows together in a very hostile grimace and his breath rasped in a way that might have scared the police officer, if the officer were not a brave American.

Additionally, say Trump voters, even while he was actively dying, George Floyd called the officer who was killing him, “Sir,” which proved George Floyd was one of the few good Negroes left in America, who could be trusted in the house, who did not have to be chained up or tied down by mass incarceration. Such a good Negro, Trump supporters avow, simply would not have to be killed, because he would not vote for Joe Biden.

The real problem, Trump voters reiterate, is not the ingrained racism of the USA but the make-believe pain black Americans fake, so as to make decent Americans feel guilty and to get more money illegally from the Welfare, so they can buy crack cocaine. No one should buy those Black Lives Matter T-shirts, Trump voters say, when ALL lives matter, especially white police ones.

This unjustifiable hounding of the white police officers, Trump voters say, will never happen again, if real Americans stick together and put Fat Nixon back into the White House in November.

America will be great again, they say.

Once Trump voters can get rid of the black pain in the neck.

BC Pires has his tongue so far in his cheek its coming out of his ear but some people will still take it all literally. Read the full version of this column on Saturday at


"Black pain in the neck"

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