Be careful what you wish for

THE EDITOR: On Tuesday the Government rolled out more strict traffic measures, Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan saying on the morning TV shows that the plan is to bring TT into line with developed nation status.

I say most strongly to all politicians, be careful what you wish for. I escaped a First World nation (England) 40 years ago, fell in love with TT and settled happily here ever since. So- called developed nation status is nothing to aspire to.

Who has had the highest covid19 death rates despite their vastly superior resources? Who has gotten into most wars in living memory? (TT only got into armed conflict to help – you guessed it – a developed nation.) I could go on.

Draconian taxation, efficient, over-zealous police, well-organised state control in general have regimented the population of such countries into quivering submission.

Local politicians really don’t understand their own country. Aspire to a better TT yes, but the way you are going about it will destroy its remarkable free spirit.


St Augustine


"Be careful what you wish for"

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