Young a strongman of virtue

THE EDITOR: I endorse the sentiments of the PNM Women’s League which lauded the sterling qualities of National Security Minister Stuart Young.

The league described Young as a man of worth, a man of veracity and sanctioned him as a man of integrity.

The league needs all the support it can get in this particular issue since an unprecedented and unending number of editorials have launched scathing attacks on this man in whom the Women’s League is well pleased.

The editorial writers have been joined by mischief-makers from throughout the country and even market vendors from the Caribbean. To compound this unfair attack on Young is the latest salvo from two distinguished elder statesmen, as well as an ambassador from a powerful country.

Notwithstanding their statements, which unfairly describe Young as a stranger to the truth, dealing with alternative facts, being very economical with the truth, playing smart with foolishness, engaging in semantics, speaking in tongues which cannot be understood by mere mortals on planet Earth and wilfully and deliberately misleading Parliament with impunity, I, like the Women’s League, reject all these charges.

The country needs to be on the alert about the purveyors of fake news and the role of the treacherous opposition whose only aim is to tarnish the good name of members of the Women’s League.

Imagine these people spread rumours about the chairman of the league, accusing her of using a government credit card to purchase wigs and fertility drugs. They have not a shred of evidence but continue to speak of questionable and undeclared banking transactions.

Given the unblemished character of the chairman, I too have no doubt but also to hail Stuart Young as a strong, righteous man of virtue.




"Young a strongman of virtue"

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