Some voiceon this Guy

THE EDITOR: It was an experience of a lifetime coming off my bed at 3.15 am on May 25 and not being able to return to sleep. So I turned on the television, only to encounter the voice of Neisha Guy on TTT.

What a remarkable singer! From the opening line she just bowled me over; a silky smooth effortless songstress with a magnificent range. Her voice embodies the likes of Dianne Warwick, Brenda Russell, Randy Crawford, Nancy Wilson, Alicia Keys, Chaka Khan and the evergreen Barbara Streisand.

The venue was MovieTowne – the Fiesta Plaza Concert Series. Guy’s extensive physique (not meant to be offensive, my dear) is a reflection of her capacity to move with absolute ease from one key into another with the grace of a superstar.

The receptive audience was dining in ecstasy as she maintained an even flow of expressive vocal eloquence. What a voice.

This experience was worth not returning to my slumber, I must say. It was as if I was served a gourmet meal with exotic trimmings. Neisha Guy has places to go. I do hope she falls into the right hands – maybe a David Foster or Quincy Jones-type producer.

If music be the food of life, sing on “Queen Neisha.”




"Some voiceon this Guy"

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