Why not just call Trump?

THE EDITOR: I looked and listened to Ralph Maraj (a former MP) talking to Fazeer Mohammed on his morning show (21/05). At 7 pm I looked at the TV6 news and heard highly esteemed legal eagle Martin Daly and Reginald Dumas, a former ambassador to the UN, also wanting the air cleared regarding TT and US relations.

Was there a distinct warning from the US ambassador to our Minister of National Security regarding TT and a breach of the Rio Treaty which could lead to sanctions? Have these people fallen into the trap of alleged political mischief-making? Is this all for an extra 15 minutes of fame that they do not need?

I am embarrassed to the core believing that US Ambassador Joseph Mondello must be laughing at all the Third World political smearing. On the other hand Mondello might be asking himself how long before they call me back home?

Why bother with speculation? Why not just call the big man in Washington DC? The US President himself. He has an important election facing him in November and might be happy to know about distractions other than covid19. A little something that could possibly interest his millions of supporters. This story could light up world social media more than anything done by former US president Barack Obama or Cambridge Analytica.

Who will remember how many barrels of oil we were arguing about when we get past all the contrived speculation? What else is there to lose? After covid19 our economy will be in tatters anyway.


Diego Martin


"Why not just call Trump?"

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