Shot man describes shooter before dying

Devon "Pressie" Rajaram. -

With his dying breath, 34-year-old construction worker Devon "Pressie’" Rajaram allegedly gave a full description of the man who shot him.

"He was on his way to the hospital when he gave the information," said a resident of St John’s Village in San Fernando who did not want to be identified.

Eyewitnesses said Rajaram, who was standing in a neighbour’s yard, had a brief conversation with the man whom he "apparently knew." He turned his back and was about to walk away when the man opened fire.

The incident happened shortly after 3 pm on Monday at Cipero Road, a stone’s throw from where he lived at Church Street.

A grey Nissan B14 car pulled up and the driver got out. He walked up to Rajaram and they spoke briefly. Eyewitnesses said Rajaram turned to walk off and the driver fired a single shot before returning to the car. He sped off.

At the family’s home, relatives said they heard the commotion and went out. They saw the wounded father of one on the ground. They put him in a car and took him to the San Fernando General Hospital where he died.

"The bullet entered and exited his stomach. He was by his friend liming for a few hours before the shooting. Everybody here knows Pressie," said a bereaved relative who asked to remain anonymous.

"He was a cool person. He said what happened on his way to the hospital."

Police later recovered what they believed to be the getaway car. It was abandoned at the M2 Ring Road near Friendship Village.

No one has been arrested, and Ste Madeleine and Homicide Bureau Region III police are investigating.


"Shot man describes shooter before dying"

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