No further evidence of THA food card racket

Assemblyman Sheldon Cunningham -
Assemblyman Sheldon Cunningham -

Assistant Secretary in the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment Sheldon Cunningham has not provided Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis with more evidence to provide his claim of THA food card racket.

Two weeks ago Cunningham called out members of the PNM executive on a Tobago Channel 5 morning show, for the illegal distribution of THA one-off food cards in his electoral district.

Cunningham, the representative for the Providence/ Moriah/Mason Hall, said people were collecting food cards without signing the declaration forms. He also hinted of a plot to undermine his position. He said a complaint was made to Dennis.

In a post executive council media briefing two weeks ago, Dennis said his initial investigation revealed no wrongdoing and he called on Cunningham to provide more evidence of illegal activity.

On Tuesday, Dennis told Newsday he is still waiting for Cunningham to return with more proof.

He said, “No timeline was given to him and the information he gave with having a specific issue, I have found no issues with that matter. I basically said if there are any other areas he may think there is wrongdoing he should bring it to my attention. Since then, I have had no such information."

Calls and messages to Cunningham's cellphone have gone unanswered.

After Cunningham went public with his complaint on May 18, he was hauled into a meeting with PNM Tobago Council political leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine the next day.

Dennis said, "Allegations are only allegations until facts and evidence are provided," and he had spoken to the secretary for the Division of Finance and the Economy – the division responsible for processing and distributing the cards.

“I also spoke to an individual who was in receipt of a food card and so far, I have found that there is no evidence to suggest that the process was fraudulent or corrupt in anyway.”

The THA processed 695 applications between March 1 and April 15.


"No further evidence of THA food card racket"

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