Dillon, Lewis throw hat into political arena

Mervyn Dillon -
Mervyn Dillon -

SPORT personalities Mervyn Dillon and Brian Lewis have thrown their hats into the political arena.

Dillon, a fast bowler for West Indies from 1997-2005, is a nominee for the Toco/Sangre Grande seat for the PNM in the next general election, expected to be held this year.

Dillon’s contract as head coach of the TT Red Force team came to an end on April 30. Dillon was born in Toco and has a street named after him in the area.

Dillon, 45, declined comment when asked about his political aspirations on Saturday and said Newsday should call him this week.

TTOC president Brian Lewis -

Lewis, who has been president of the TT Olympic Committee (TTOC) since 2013, is a nominee for Port of Spain South. Lewis,  the president of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC), was secretary of the TTOC from 2005-2013.

Lewis grew up close to the area he is hoping to contest, having spent his childhood in Belmont.

He also chose not to comment on Saturday.


"Dillon, Lewis throw hat into political arena"

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