Sanctions on Venezuela indirectly affect TT

THE EDITOR: Sanctions placed on any nation is the ability of one nation or a group of nations to agree to restrict the flow of business or the use of natural resources to benefit the sanctioned nation.
The purpose, therefore, is to put so much pressure on that nation that its citizens feel so deprived and desperate they may revolt or try their best to rid themselves of their government by fair means or foul.
Any country that imposes sanctions on another country must be strong enough to ensure that any nation that goes against the wishes of the strong nation would feel the brunt of their power. The set of citizens who usually feels the first effects of sanctions is usually the ordinary man in the street.
Shortages in basic supplies of food and medicine begin to hit hard. Restrictions in purchases, higher prices and a damaged economy are the results of sanctions.
Citizens under the full brunt of sanctions begin to seek greener pastures, migrating to neighbouring countries, invariably by illegal means. This results in pressure being placed on the neighbouring countries, such as TT.
Our nation now has to battle with the influx of Venezuelans and with covid19 in the air, not because of President Maduro but because of the sanctions placed on that country.
As the pressure mounts and things worsen, TT would begin to feel the pressures of illegal migration which would put a strain on goods and services which are to be shared among a greater population.
Soon TT would realise that we are being indirectly sanctioned by the US. Sanctions eased on Venezuela would certainly ease the indirect sanctions and pressures that are being placed on us.
To assist our neighbour is therefore to really assist ourselves. It is a pity that a superpower does not see that the sanctions placed on our neighbour is an indirect sanction on us.
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"Sanctions on Venezuela indirectly affect TT"

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