President: Spirit of Ramadan prevailed despite covid19

President Paula-Mae Weekes - ANGELO MARCELLE
President Paula-Mae Weekes - ANGELO MARCELLE

President Paula-Mae Weekes said, despite the challenges faced during the covid19 pandemic, she has no doubt that Eid-ul-Fitr will be a day filled with joy for the Muslim community. She said the spirit of Ramadan has prevailed.

In a release on Friday, she said Muslims had remained steadfast in their faith while “commendably” adapting and adjusting to the restrictions owing to the pandemic.

“Muslims continued to exercise the values which underpin Islam: generosity, compassion, brotherhood and self-discipline. Our Muslim compatriots set the bar high for the rest of the national community as they prayed, fasted and listened to virtual sermons at home and heeded the call to be their brother’s keeper, exemplified the tenets of their faith and helped to ease the burdens of countless citizens.”

She added that the Muslim community had assisted many families who were “hard-hit” during this difficult time.

She urged the rest of the public to “strive to take pattern” from Muslims by adopting empathy, self-restraint and a community spirit.

“Although present circumstances prohibit the traditional festivities this year, I have no doubt that joy will still abound as families exchange gifts, prepare meals and give thanks to Allah.

“At its core, Eid has always been a family affair, as people share life and draw strength from one another. The successful completion of sawm, the obligatory fast, remains a further source of jubilation and fulfilment.”


"President: Spirit of Ramadan prevailed despite covid19"

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