TTFA gives Fifa eight days to respond

William Wallace -
William Wallace -

LAWYERS representing the former TT Football Association (TTFA) executive are giving Fifa eight days to respond to claim documents.

On Monday, the former TTFA executive decided to take the matter against Fifa to the TT High Court instead, as they felt they would not get a fair hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The former TT executive, led by president William Wallace, is fighting Fifa on its decision to disband the group, claiming Fifa has no right to interfere with a democratically elected local body.

The Wallace-led executive was removed from office by Fifa on March 17 after less than four months in the job.

The former executive was replaced by a normalisation committee led by local businessman Robert Hadad. The committee will run the affairs of local football, including getting rid of the $50 million debt facing the local football body.

Gayle said Fifa has acknowledged receipt of TTFA’s email and the former TTFA executive is giving Fifa eight days to enter an appearance.

“They have to file what’s called a notice of intention to defend,” Gayle said. “They have to let the court know are they going to defend the case, are they going to concede the case, are they going to be part of the case and so on. They have to indicate that within eight days.”

The eight-day period started on May 19, the day Fifa received the documents from the TTFA lawyers Gayle and Dr Emir Crowne. Gayle said they will count eight full days from May 20, therefore the TTFA is hoping to get a response from Fifa by next Friday.


"TTFA gives Fifa eight days to respond"

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