Trinis on Princess have chance to return Saturday

AFTER being stranded for seven weeks at sea, there is a chance that six Trinidadian musicians on board the Caribbean Princess may be home on Saturday.

Sterling Howell, leader of the music band Xcite, said the captain of the ship, which is docked in Barbados, received an e-mail from the Office of the Prime Minister on Friday indicating plans to repatriate them.

The e-mail followed a release by National Security Minister Stuart Young earlier in the day saying exemptions would be made for nationals onboard several cruise ships at different locations, as well as university students.

Howell said the Princess, on which they have been stranded for the past seven weeks, was bound for another destination at 5 am on Saturday.

“Now that the captain has received this e-mail, the ship would probably wait around a little bit longer. Chances are we may be home by Saturday morning or Saturday evening.”

He said once clearance is given, the ship will sail into Trinidad and Tobago waters to bring them home, just like it has done elsewhere for crew members of other nationalities  on board.

He said he is not certain which port would be used for them to disembark.

“I am so emotional right now. Words can’t explain,” said Howell who has been at the forefront of the struggle to get him, and all other Trinidadian crew members stuck on other ships, home.

“I stood in a fight for my cruise ship family and the voice of the nation (sic) stood by us.”


"Trinis on Princess have chance to return Saturday"

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