Protest for Lovell reaches another community

Photo submitted by Moruga resident
Photo submitted by Moruga resident

RESIDENTS of another community in Moruga blocked the main road with burning debris on Friday in protest over the incumbent MP being replaced to contest the marginal Moruga/Tableland seat in the general election.

On Thursday, residents of La Lune Village staged a protest after incumbent MP Lovell Francis stated on his social media platforms that he was not selected by the PNM to contest the seat. The La Lune residents, during the protest on Thursday, threatened to withhold their votes in the general election if Francis was not selected.

On Friday, at Fifth Company, residents came out at about 4 am to protest over the screening of former People's Partnership government minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters, by the PNM. Peters, chairman of the National Carnival Commission, was also MP for Mayaro under the previous Partnership administration.

“We are showing solidarity for our MP Dr Lovell Francis. He did a lot for this area. He built 36 houses so far under the Housing and Village Improvement Programme in Samuel Cooper Trace. He also did box drains and is organising a community centre for us,” said a protester who requested anonymity.

He said the main road was also blocked near Mandingo Road. But police and members of the Princes Town Regional Corporation later cleared the debris. The protestor said: “About 40 residents came out and we were maintaining the physical distancing. There was no confrontation or anything. Lovell deserves another five years.”

“We are PNM people and always vote whoever they (PNM officials) send to represent us. Gypsy would not do anything for us, and Lovell is doing things for us in La Lune,” Maureen Collins said. “I am pleading for Lovell to get another five years. The man is working for the poor people of La Lune.”


"Protest for Lovell reaches another community"

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