Petition to bring TT crew workers home nears target

AN ONLINE petition to both the Government and the United Nations, to allow TT nationals contracted on cruise ships to return home, had up to Friday, nearly reached its 1,000 signatures target.

The petition was created by cruise ship worker Junior Hinds, who set the target of 1,000 signatures. At the time of writing, the petition was signed by 943 supporters.

Hinds wrote in the petition's description, "...The backbone of these cruise lines – the crew – has been stuck on these ships since then (March 14). Five crew members have already lost their lives this month alone. Not because of the coronavirus."

"... Mental health, uncertainty, anxiety lost (sic) of wages and constant worrying are main factors. Things are getting better as many crew have made their way home.

"St Lucia, Grenada, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Barbados, England, Ireland, Wales, Serbia, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, etc. All these governments have accepted their citizens that are also crew members that worked on these vessels. Even Jamaica who has 400+ cases are accepting over 1,000 of their nationals that are crew!"

"Ladies and gents stuck in a cabin with only your own thoughts is a very dangerous place to be. I urge you to sign this petition and get us Trinis home. These ships are beginning to look empty and we'll be all that are left behind, along with the minimum crew needed for the safe handling of the ship. We do not just want to come home; We need to go home to our families who miss us dearly every day."

Newsday has thus far been unable to reach Hinds for further information.


"Petition to bring TT crew workers home nears target"

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