Pedestrians face danger on Diego pavements

THE EDITOR: I sent an e-mail to the Communications Department of the Ministry of Works and Transport asking them to look into the deplorable conditions of the pavements along main roads in Diego Martin.

This came about by my deciding to get my exercise, walking on the pavements of Morne Coco Road, Petit Valley, then across Crystal Stream Road, onto the Diego Martin Main Road, onto Sierra Leone Road and the Majuba Cross Road.

I called the Diego Martin Regional Corporation to complain but was told it is not responsible for the main roads and the pavements and to call the Ministry of Works and Transport.

The point is even if this does not fall under the corporation the people working there should make it their business to harass the ministry to get these things fixed. The average person living in Diego Martin would blame the neglect of the roads and pavements on the corporation.

As regard the danger faced not only by myself but also many people who have to walk every day on these pavements, there are manholes with covers either missing or broken with the potential of more breaking under someone’s weight when stepping on the concrete covers.

There are even some covers lying sideways in the manholes. It must be a miracle many lawsuits are not filed against that ministry.

I would really appreciate if the ministry and the corporation take the time to not only fix the manholes and potholes in the roads, but also clear the rivers and ravines of all silt and bush before the rainy season starts.

The people of Diego Martin deserve better.


Petit Valley


"Pedestrians face danger on Diego pavements"

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