Ian Alleyne ordered to pay doctor's legal costs

Ian Alleyne -
Ian Alleyne -

CrimeWatch host Ian Alleyne has been ordered to pay the legal costs of director of the Caura Hospital, Dr Michelle Trotman, for his failed lawsuit demanding his release from quarantine in April.

Alleyne’s challenge against Trotman failed to take flight as he withdrew it when his attorneys appeared before Justice Ricky Rahim on April 16.

In his decision, Rahim said Alleyne’s conduct in the matter “overwhelms all other considerations in the circumstances of this case.”

Alleyne was seeking to have Dr Trotman justify his detention at the facility after he was told, on April 14, he tested negative for covid19 and was being discharged, Alleyne was then told he had in fact tested positive and must stay in hospital.

He was eventually discharged on April 23.

A communication error was blamed for the discrepancy in his covid19 test results. According to the judge, Alleyne had two opportunities to withdraw his application but did not.

The talk show host was ordered to pay the costs of senior counsel and one junior counsel.

Dr Trotman was represented by Reginald Armour, SC, Vanessa Gopaul, and Rishi Dass.


"Ian Alleyne ordered to pay doctor's legal costs"

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