Correct this national insurance injustice

THE EDITOR: During March, the covid19 regulations were imposed upon the nation with the instruction that people remain at home, only leaving if there is an urgent need.

Most public and private employees remained at home, some with pay, others were not so lucky. A plan was introduced through the National Insurance Board whereby $2,000 would be given, for three months, to workers who were not collecting a salary due to the shutdown of their places of employment. But they had to have been making NIS contributions.

This has floppped. Firstly, some people have not to date received any payment, although they have applied. Secondly, dishonest employers have been deducting NIS contributions from their employees monthly but not making these payments to the board.

We would have learnt a few things from this coronavirus scare that will make us a better country. Two that come to mind are our health laws and the injustice being handed down to those at the lower end of the employment scale.

The health system needs to be properly regulated and the laws enforced. For example, public health inspectors need to make regular visits to food establishments and roadside food vendors, and to their premises where the food is prepared.

Also, we must fix this wrongdoing where some employers are making national insurance deductions but not submitting them to the NIS Board. This is criminal act that deprives those in need of every dollar after retirement. These employers ought to be investigated and speedily brought to court.




"Correct this national insurance injustice"

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