Bhoe stands up to Speaker on time cut

Dr Bhoendradat Tewarie -
Dr Bhoendradat Tewarie -

CARONI Central Dr Bhoendradat Tewarie stood up to Speaker Bridgid Annisette-George in the House Friday when she attempted to prematurely cut his time short.

The exchange occurred during Tewarie's private motion calling on the Government to adopt a bipartisan approach to the covid19 economic recovery. At the 20-minute mark the Speaker interrupted and told him that his speaking time had ended.

Tewarie protested: "No, that could not be, ma'am."

The Speaker then reminded him of the motion which was moved and adopted about the changing of speaking times. Tewarie replied that the first speaker is allowed 30 minutes.

Bridgid Annisette-George - Courtesy the Parliament of T&T/Facebook Page

A member of the Government bench called out: "Are you arguing with the Speaker?"

Tewarie replied: "Yes I am."

The Speaker then deliberated for a few minutes before telling the Chamber: "I stand corrected." She then granted Tewarie his additional ten minutes.


"Bhoe stands up to Speaker on time cut"

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