2009 summit forces back

THE EDITOR: The forces that came at former PM Manning during the Summit of the Americas, here in TT, are at centre stage presently. Where back then they remained mostly in the wings, they can be seen more readily today for what they are, by what they have done.

The Obama administration’s penchant for socialist organising and streamlining only became clearer in president Obama’s second term and later in the opposition to President Trump.

The centrist OAS more or less has held to its long-standing positions which have become clearer and more defined as it has had to deal with the rise of President Maduro in Veneuela.

In Venezuela 2010, Chavez was still the titular leader and Bolivarian figurehead during the period into the end of the Manning administration; but in fact plans long in the making were already being executed to take Bolivarianism into Trotskyism.

This Trotskyism has Delcy Rodriguez and a handful of other masterminds at its core, including the leadership of the military. It is manipulative and deadly.

Chavez blamed the CIA for his demise but it came from within his own camp; and was made in the years before he got cancer. His roots were in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia/National Liberation Army of Colombia (FARC/ELN) but he was moderate; now, however, true FARC/ELN fundamentalism and radicalism are in full swing.

Though the intentions for the summit were laudable, the occasion got hijacked. From the way it appears, Manning became doubly sick after that.


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"2009 summit forces back"

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