UNC morphinginto the DLPof the 1960s

THE EDITOR: Given the mistakes of the PNM and the unpopularity of Stuart Young, you would think the UNC should win the 2020 general election by a landslide. Think again.

The UNC has been uninspirational and lacking vibrancy since September 2015. No one remembers who its candidate for Moruga/Tableland was and its candidate for San Fernando West has fizzled. Its candidates for other marginals will be more of the same.

This strategy was actually endorsed by the leader who said at the last Monday Night Forum in Pointe-a-Pierre that her strategy was not about “bombshell candidates.”

No one ever said this country wanted bombshell candidates. What the population wants is substance, credibility and stature. Thus far that is missing from the UNC platform.

I am starting to believe that is by plan and not by choice. The UNC seems to be unconcerned about the votes of the middle class and instead is leaning on hampers and “rah rah.” How is the UNC going to wrest St Joseph and Tunapuna from the PNM with that strategy? It is all a tragedy of Greek proportions.

The UNC should win easily with 26 plus seats but in my opinion it will be lucky to hold on to the 18 it has. Is the UNC cupboard that bare in 2020?

The PNM has stimulated excitement with the candidacy of Brian Manning. That will resuscitate the Manning loyalists, especially in San Fernando. Dr Rowley is a shrewd politician. He is consolidating the PNM while ensuring his party lives beyond his own political leadership in the people of Faris Al-Rawi, Brain Manning and Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly.

While the PNM is doing all that, the UNC is floundering and morphing every day into the DLP of the 1960s and is condemning its supporters to defeat.




"UNC morphinginto the DLPof the 1960s"

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