Tackling the diabetes crisis in TT

THE EDITOR: In Tuesday’s Newsday, Simon Wright wrote forcefully in his letter about the need to launch an assault on diabetes, one of the common non-communicable diseases that apparently is becoming even more prevalent in this country.

The Ministry of Health, the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) and the Diabetes Association will need to intensify their health promotion initiatives to educate the population about lifestyle choices to minimise the risk of contracting non-communicable diseases, including diabetes.

Faith-based bodies, public and private sector companies and community groups all need to get involved in promoting healthy living and raising awareness about diabetes.

In addition, some specific attention should be given to educating the public about the complications of diabetes and the impact of the disease on the family, society and economy.

Although diabetes education is ongoing in the society through the Health Ministry, the RHAs and the Diabetes Association, this is an appropriate time for more attention to be given to the planning and promotion of health education events for World Diabetes Day, which is observed annually on November 14.

There should be an aggressive nationwide campaign to educate the population about diabetes for this day.




"Tackling the diabetes crisis in TT"

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