Sanctions, patriotism and right and wrong

THE EDITOR: Sitting back and observing the unfolding drama concerning the sale of oil to Venezuela has been quite an education. It has demonstrated the calibre of politicians not only in relation to their “moral code,” but also their level of political thinking. The likes of Kwami Toure, Walter Rodney and several others would never have imagined this.

The drama has also demonstrated how ignorant most of the population is on many aspects of international law and relations and international politics in general.

First of all, there ought not to be a debate on the rightness or wrongness of any opposition politician attempting to get sanctions invoked on his or her own country. Whether there is wrongdoing or just suspicion, such an act is tantamount to treason (not to mention self-destructive of the very society and people one claims to represent).

Imagine wanting sanctions imposed on a country one is hoping to lead. An opposition running to America to tell on the Government is passed childish and surely a sad reflection on them and all of society’s socialising influences. We have failed to nurture uplifting values sufficiently in society.

The fact that sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions on trade, politics, etc seems to have been lost in the current culture of bullyism, especially with the threat of sanctions and military action.

Anyone with a partially functioning cerebral cortex would know that the pretexts for US sanctions is never what is advertised. Whether it was the invasion of Iraq, Libya or other actions of the past, the primary goal has always been the promotion of US economic interest. No weapons of mass destruction found, millions of lives lost and yet no one held accountable.

There is no legality in the US sanctions. There is nothing within international law that justifies such action. The US has now become more overt in demanding that international agencies that it funds support its agenda or else. It reminds us of the continued US sanctions on Cuba based on its ties with the then Soviet Union.

Cuba is sanctioned but the US continues to trade with Russia. If you happen to see past the charade, it becomes clear that the colonial baton is clearly being held by a new master whose dictates are followed by sanctions and military action. The more things change...

So the question therefore is not on the legality of any sale. The US has absolutely no moral authority where right and wrong are concerned (particularly in this current dispensation). The discussion has to be on whether it was a politically wise move, whether it in fact happened that way and to what extent present-day leaders are prepared to stand up against tyranny and forge a new and just society.

We have seen the unfortunate spectre of so-called progressive thinkers turning tail, supporting this current abberation and attempting to justify that which has no justification. Whatever their motives, their position is duly noted.

To the unprogressives, it is noteworthy that the blissful ignorance of natural law doesn’t disqualify us from the consequences that come with their violation.


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"Sanctions, patriotism and right and wrong"

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