Relative of murdered man: 'We're causing our own destruction'

Brandon Atkins. -
Brandon Atkins. -

Relatives of 26-year-old Brandon Atkins placed the blame of their loved one's murder squarely on society.

Atkins was shot dead in Printeryville, Arima, on Wednesday afternoon.

At the Forensic Science Centre, St James, on Thursday, one of Atkins' relatives described him as a hardworking technician with a passion for repairing broken items.

He said while he did not know why anyone would want to kill Atkins, he was not surprised as murders had become the norm in TT, and society itself was to blame for continued murders.

"We are causing our own destruction.

"Even with this thing going on (covid19) the murders and the killings are continuing.

"I don't know why anyone would want to kill him, he was always a good person to me."

Atkins was a father of four children.

Members of the Northern Division Emergency Response Patrol found Atkins' body after responding to reports of gunshots.


"Relative of murdered man: ‘We’re causing our own destruction’"

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