Kernaham Trace residents want water

Residents of Kernaham Trace, Cunupia, are hoping that a change in ministers at the Ministry of Public Utilities will result in them having a steady supply of water.

A spokesperson for the residents, who asked not to be named, said they have endured months without water while others streets away had a daily supply. The spokesperson said they have called the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) on several occasions for assistance but to no avail.

On Monday, the Prime Minister advised President Paula-Mae Weekes to revoke Robert Le Hunte’s ministerial and senatorial appointments. He also advised Weekes to appoint Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Fitzgerald Hinds as the new minister.

In response to the residents’ claim, WASA in an email to Newsday acknowledged they were having challenges providing a reliable pipe-borne water supply to some customers along Kernaham Trace.

“This situation is directly associated with reduced production at the Caroni water treatment plant as a result of the current harsh dry season conditions. Despite the implementation of amended water supply schedules to the area, in order assist with mitigating the impact, some customers at the extremities of the system continue to experience an unreliable supply. As such, the authority has been, and will continue to provide affected customers with a truck-borne water supply, until their pipe-borne supply normalises.”

The residents said they hope that they too will be able to enjoy pipe-borne water to their homes sooner rather than later. They have threatened to protest but are fearful that they may be arrested for breaching the Public Health Ordinance by gathering in public with more than five people.


"Kernaham Trace residents want water"

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