House debates covid19 recovery


THE Opposition on Friday in the House of Representatives will call for a joint effort at national recovery from the impact of the covid19 pandemic.

Caroni Central MP Dr Bhoendradatt Tewarie will use private members day to move a motion to this effect starting 1.30 pm.

The preamble alleges the Government badly managed the human aspect of the covid19 crisis to the distress of citizens, many of whom are without work and struggle to put food on their tables. It says emergency measures to help businesses were not working, but are having a devastating effect on general commerce especially small, medium and micro businesses.

“And whereas citizens are fearful for their future and see no hope of recovery and prosperity under this government post-covid19, especially given the state of the oil and gas sector, the loss of business confidence, little investment, continuous decline and lack of growth,

“Be it resolved that this House agree that the Government should favourably consider the Leader of the Opposition's proposals to the Prime Minister of an economic master plan, and be it further resolved that this House agree that the Government should facilitate a genuine bipartisan collaboration, towards a national policy for recovery and growth in TT.”

Earlier at 10 am, the Joint Select Committee on Social Services and Public Administration, chaired by Senator Paul Richards, will hold a virtual meeting to examine the Ministry of Education's strategies for ensuring continuity in the delivery of education amidst the pandemic


"House debates covid19 recovery"

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