Barrackpore farmers feel safer after meeting CoP

Gary Griffith -
Gary Griffith -

FARMERS and their families in Barrackpore are sleeping much easier at nights, since their meeting with CoP Gary Griffith and his promises to make their community safer.

Shiva Mohammed one of the delegates who met with Griffith at police headquarters last Friday said since then they have had no robberies.

Mohammed said Griffith spoke about the use of CCTV cameras and drones to safeguard their fields and livestock.

Over the years farmers from Cumuto South Trace and Kunjal South Trace, Barrackpore, have been at the mercy of thieves who have carted away tens of thousands of dollars in produce and livestock.

The farmers have also come under physical attack from the bandits. With the bandits becoming more brazen in the last three months, the farmers sought a meeting with Griffith after the district police failed to address their many problems.

At Friday’s meeting, a decision taken to restart the praedial larceny unit, which has been down for about one month.

Griffith also promised increased patrols , including joint army and police patrols, and to review their applications for firearms.

However, Mohammed said the commissioner warned that firearms would only be issued once the applicants meet all requirements.

“He told us that a person cannot be growing one pumpkin and apply for a firearm.”

Mohammed said the farmers were now waiting to see if all these measures will be put in place and how soon.

He said he was very impressed with Griffith and his fast response to their concerns.

“That work (CoP) was designed for him,” Mohammed said.


"Barrackpore farmers feel safer after meeting CoP"

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