Jr Bana: People attracted to negative news

Anthony "Jr Bana" Bacchus on his way to a runner-up position in the 2020 Tobago Soca Monarch finals in February. -

POPULAR Tobago singer Anthony Bacchus, stage name Jr Bana, has apologised to his fans after he pleaded guilty on Tuesday for the possession of 84 grammes of marijuana. The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Bill permits each adult 30 grammes of marijuana in their possession. Bacchus was placed on a bond for $20,000 to keep the peace for two years.

Speaking to Newsday on Wednesday, Bacchus said this incident showed him how people are easily attracted to negative news. The runner-up in the 2020 Tobago Soca Monarch said his marijuana conviction received more attention than the music video he released two weeks ago for his 2020 soca song Groovy.

He said, "I just believe that the thirst some of our citizens have for negative information is very distasteful and my recent experience was inevitable due to my life's structure. I remain ambitious, fun and loving with my people, no matter what they say or do. I just hope as much as they look into myself, they also look into my artistic creations."

After appearing before the Scarborough magistrates court on Monday morning, he posted on his Facebook page,"Thank you all for the prayers and support. I apologize to the government of TT and all my fans for breaking the law as to my possession of more than 30 grammes of marijuana but I also urge the members of TTPS to stop selective crime fighting and fight crime all round. Rich, poor, white, black or red."

Police said around 4.45 am on Sunday they executed a firearm and ammunition search warrant at a one-room wooden house occupied by Bacchus. Police searched a refrigerator and found three brown paper bags with three transparent pieces of plastic containing marijuana.


"Jr Bana: People attracted to negative news"

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