Lee: Le Hunte's excuse holds no water

Opposition MP for Pointe-a-Pierre David Lee
Opposition MP for Pointe-a-Pierre David Lee

UNC deputy leader David Lee is not convinced Robert Le Hunte quit as Public Utilities Minister because Cabinet refused to approve his $1.5 billion water-metering plan.

Lee said Le Hunte was an experienced banker, has 30 years 'experience in the PNM and was co-vice chairman of the roadmap to recovery committee, so he knows the protocols of politics.

He said one of Le Hunte’s repeated mantras, in his speeches in Parliament, was that the Government has not got the money to do what it would like to do.

“So it is surprising to hear he would want to put TT into further debt with a $1.5 billion metering project, just prior to a general election. That does not add up. Why did Mr Le Hunte really resign? I’d be very surprised if he would want to be so adamant on water-metering. So, the Opposition does not buy the excuse.”

Lee said Le Hunte’s resignation letter made no mention of water-metering. “If he is co-vice chairman of the covid19 recovery committee, why would he want to entertain a $1.5 billion expenditure?

"Maybe other individuals have the answer. Maybe the Minister of National Security has the answer.”


"Lee: Le Hunte’s excuse holds no water"

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