Bunji's father dies

Bunji Garlin -
Bunji Garlin -

The Alvarez clan is mourning the loss of one of their eldest members with the passing of Eric Ted Benn on Friday.

Benn, 90, was the father of soca artiste Ian Alvarez aka 'Bunji Garlin'.

Bunji announced his father's passing on his Instagram account, saying he wanted to 'go home' and recalled the wisdom imparted to him while growing up.

"He used to tell us as his children 'Once you coming from this house, be the best at what you doing. If you going to be a police be the best police and if you going to be a thief be the best thief but if you end up being a thief do not call me your father and if they looking for you and I know where you hiding I will bring the police to lock you up and turn my back on you.' I am today grateful for that speech.

"He lived to be 90 and in his final years he eased his defiance and made it right with God. He would tell us when we gathered that he has completed his cycle and don’t know why God have him here just hanging around doing nothing. He wants to go and see beyond here. Then last night he got his prayers answered," Bunji wrote.

One of Bunji's siblings Marlon Alvarez also paid his respects to his father in a Facebook post in which he described his later years.


"Bunji’s father dies"

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