Sales slow as Debe doubles go back on sale

 - Vashti Singh
- Vashti Singh

OUT of ten stalls at Debe Junction, Penal, only four were open on Wednesday, with a sign reading “Only Take Away Service.”

Vendors pleaded with customers to take their doubles and saheenas to eat in their cars. There were marks on the floor to help customers with physical distancing as they approached the counters.

Manager of Hosein’s Shed Alrazi Irfaan said people are not in a rush to buy doubles as they were before the covid19 lockdown.

“We are seeing customers trickling in at the peak hours on mornings, at lunchtime and during the evening hours.”

In general, he said, people have been obeying the rules about wearing masks and physical distancing since Monday when the foodsheds opened their doors.”

There are a lot of changes that we needed to make in order for us to open for business, including putting up barriers and making room for customers to form a line before approaching the counter,” Irfaan said.

Most times people come for fast food, he said, because they are in a hurry to get back to work, or to buy affordable breakfast or lunch for their families. Asked whether he plans to raise the price from $5 each, Irfaan said he will keep the price down as long as he can.

Sharon Hassanali of the popular D’ Green Shed said she decided to supervise her customers for fear they might cluster in front of her shed and she might have to answer to the authorities.

“People are impatient to get their order filled, but we have to maintain the law at this time by asking customers to stand in line and wait their turn,” she said.

The Green Shed sells aloo pies, doubles, saheena and kachorie.

Radica Lall sells sweets such as kurma, ladoo, gulab jamun, jalebi, peera and barfi. She said approximately 200 people are employed with the sheds at Debe Junction.

“We have those who work in the kitchen, making thousands of delicacies on a daily basis. There are those who constantly clean the sheds, and those who wrap doubles and delicacies all day long.”

All the workers, she said, were abruptly sent home six weeks ago. She is happy that the Prime Minister allowed fast food places to reopen.

Lall met with her staff before opening for business to brief them on maintaining physical distancing as well as sanitising before and during work at her shop.


"Sales slow as Debe doubles go back on sale"

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