Murdered man moved in with killer to help him

Marvin Hosten  -
Marvin Hosten -

FOUR DAYS after Marvin Hosten’s relative returned to the La Horquetta home they shared, he was stabbed in the back multiple times on Monday morning.

According to a relative, the suspect, who is now in police custody, moved out of the home for close to four months before returning on Thursday.

But before that, Hosten, the father of one, had moved into the La Horquetta home four years ago to help the relative paying the mortgage and bills, since the attacker was unemployed. Hosten was originally from Crown Trace, Haig Street, Carenage.

Police said Hosten, 28, was stabbed sometime around 8.30am by his 53-year-old relative.

Police were called to the home at Edwin Roberts, Phase Five and took Hosten
to the Arima Health Facility, where he died while being treated.

“He was a real cool fella. He had his ways, but he was always willing and helpful,” a relative said of Hosten, adding that the day before he died his attacker “was talking madness.”

“On Mother’s Day, he (the attacker) was only talking a set of mad talk. But nobody took him on. He was prancing up and down asking for a number for the police,” she said, adding that the attacker had no known history of mental illness, as far as the family was aware.

The relative said when Hosten’s mother left for work on Monday, the attacker asked for a burglarproof door to be opened, which she did. After the stabbing relatives returned to the home and found bloody fingerprints on the locks of the burglarproof door and other doors in the house, suggesting that the killer locked the doors before the attack.

Hosten's mother, the relative told Newsday, warned her son to "watch him," as she found the killer's actions suspicious when she left for work that morning sometime around 6 am.

Hosten is believed to have gone back to sleep after his mother left the house.

The relative added that Hosten's mother had an
urge to stay home that day, but she ignored it, and was later told that Marvin, her third child, had been killed.

Hosten worked as a civilian carpenter at the Defence Force at Teteron Barracks.

The last pleasant memory of the two the family had was of their sharing a meal that a neighbour had given the killer on Sunday.


"Murdered man moved in with killer to help him"

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