San Fernando food sales still slow


Day two of the lifted restrictions, on Tuesday, saw very little change in San Fernando as food outlets had few customers.

Again, there were no long lines at KFC on High and Coffee Streets in San Fernando. Staff were practising physical distancing and allowing a maximum of five people inside, just as on Monday.

A worker at High Street stood at the entrance ensuring that each customer was wearing a facemask and sanitising his or her hands before entering.

A man who was standing in front of the building said he was not a customer and was waiting for someone.

On Monday, the first day of phase one of the Government’s coronavirus reopening plan of the economy, Royal Castle at High Street remained closed. On Tuesday, it opened its doors but there were no customers when Newsday visited.

At the front were some taxi drivers awaiting passengers for Marabella and environs.

"Things will soon pick up," a driver said.

There were no doubles stalls nearby on Pointe-a-Pierre Road, as had been the case before the restrictions.

Six weeks ago, the Government ordered food operations shut down as a measure to curb the spread of the virus.

The eased restrictions prohibit onsite consumption of food.


"San Fernando food sales still slow"

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