TT students in Barbados, Jamaica to return home

National Security Minister Stuart Young
National Security Minister Stuart Young

The government is arranging for TT students at UWI Cave Hill, Barbados, and Mona, Jamaica to return home.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young told the media during a virtual press conference on Monday he had a conversation with the principal at UWI St Augustine and Caribbean Airlines on bringing back the students in the first week of June.

This will be done under two conditions: the students must go into quarantine in Barbados and Jamaica for 14 days. They must then go into immediate state quarantine for another 14 days when they arrive in TT. He said this decision was made by the government and dismissed comments that the government had abandoned students.

“We abandoned no nationals, including any students, wherever they are in the world. What we have done is managed, after advice from the medical personnel, the population here. We are also carefully managing those who return here also.”

He said he will continue discussions with the principals of UWI Mona and Barbados for a seamless transition.


"TT students in Barbados, Jamaica to return home"

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