Travis World mixes things up to remain upbeat during lockdown

Travis World photo by Caitlan Young - Caitlan Young
Travis World photo by Caitlan Young - Caitlan Young

DESPITE the negative effects of covid19, social media is overflowing with posts from people using this quiet time in an enriching way. There are posts about people now being able to spend more time with family, in the garden, building furniture and reconnecting to things they enjoy doing most. These activities seem more possible now that the typical day-to-day obligations of modern living have been slowed.

Music producer Travis Hosein, popularly known as Travis World, said while he is grateful for the time to connect with his followers and fan-base, he looks forward to being able to meet with artistes in the studio when people are allowed to meet in larger numbers again.

The man of very little words, who expresses himself best through music, having produced some of the most popular tracks for Carnival every year including 2018’s road march winning Soca Kingdom by Machel Montano and SuperBlue and 2020's Splash featuring Patrice Roberts, Nessa Preppy and Dan Evens which gained over four million views on YouTube.

He said he is optimistic the world will bounce back and will be stronger and more united after overcoming the hurdle of covid19.

How are you feeling about the spread of the covid19 pandemic? Is it scary for you?

I am not scared by it but at the same time I understand why the precautions and guidelines are being provided by the government. So I’m ultimately just here waiting it out to see what happens. I believe things will be okay.

Have you experienced a major change in your daily routine?

Yes! My sleep pattern is all over the place. My norm of an already bad sleeping habit, with 2am being my general bedtime, has shifted. I now find myself going to sleep at 9am. I then wake up around 3 pm. My creativity has definitely taken a hit. However, I’m still trying to find my groove and make the best of the situation we face.

Is there anything you have been able to do now that you didn’t have the time to do before?

Yes. I have been able to increase my social media presence by hosting virtual events online. I am happy I got that time to take advantage of the opportunity to increase my following and create a more personal relationship with my new and long-time followers/fan-base.

Travis World photo by Caitlan Young - Caitlan Young

Do you think you will be able to maintain some of these practices if things go back to an increased pace?

I will try my best. But as you would imagine, once events start happening again, I will be on the road most of the time. While on the road, it will be virtually impossible to continue the regular live content on social media platforms like Instagram, as I have been doing now during the lockdown. However, I will try to keep posting and interacting online as much as I can.

What do you hope others will take from this time of silence?

The importance of being clean! I hope after we recover from the effects of this virus, people will realise the importance of proper hygiene. This proves doing simple things like washing our hands properly and thinking about personal hygiene can help limit the spread of not just viruses that could end up being pandemics, but other viruses and bacteria that can make us sick.

Are there any projects you got to give more attention to now that things are up in the air?

Other than the social media content – not really. I can’t get anyone in the studio due to the lockdown, unfortunately. So I have not been able to accomplish as much as I would under normal circumstances.

And are you still preparing things for the Carnival time frame even though Carnival 2021 is uncertain?

Yes, I am 100 per cent sure I will be working on music for the regular Carnival time frame. Even if there is no Carnival, I will still be releasing music regardless. I hope it would add that happiness that always comes with the Carnival season.


"Travis World mixes things up to remain upbeat during lockdown"

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