Survey: Trinis split on covid19 being man-made


TRINIDADIANS who participated in a covid19 consumer outlook study were split on whether covid19 is a man-made virus and whether it could be contracted from pets.

The study, done by consultancy firm Market Facts and Opinion (MFO) and released Tuesday, was done via an online platform over a two-week period (April 8-22) and a total of 936 surveys were completed. Of those surveyed 16 per cent were aged between 18-24, 23 per cent were 25-34, 18 per cent were 35-44, 18 per cent were 45-54, 13 per cent were 55-64, and 12 per cent were 65 and over.

The main objectives of the consumer outlook study are to determine: the level of confidence in the Government to treat with covid19 and to mitigate its spread; the sources of information used to obtain knowledge and developments about covid19; the general knowledge, attitudes and perceptions about covid19; the levels of concern over factors affected by covid19 namely health, personal finances, economic, social and political; the change in spending habits over the last six months; and the adaptation in daily activities and general lifestyle.

The survey found people are most split in their views on whether covid19 is a man-made virus with about four in ten people agreed that it is, while a similar proportion expressed uncertainty of its origins. People were also split on whether they can contract the virus from their pets.

People aged 18-24 were more likely to hold the view that covid19 is a man-made virus and to disregard the notion that covid19 can spread through household pets.

Nearly half of respondents reported that their use of a private vehicle to get around remained the same while a super-majority of persons (seven in ten) indicated avoiding the use of public transportation.

The study found that all people (97 per cent) reported taking extra precautions to avoid bringing covid19 home to their families. Just about half of people expressed fear that someone in their family would succumb to the virus. Young people (18-24 years) and people living in West Trinidad were less likely to worry about losing someone close due to covid19. A super-majority of people (seven in ten) do not believe that the seriousness of covid19 has been exaggerated.

"These persons are also more likely to express confidence in the Government’s ability to contain the spread of the virus."

A chart from the Market Facts and Opinion covid19 consumer outlook study 2020. -


"Survey: Trinis split on covid19 being man-made"

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