More nationals to return to TT

Piarco International Airport 

Piarco International Airport PHOTO BY AYANNA KINSALE -

The government is allowing nationals from Guyana, Venezuela and Margarita to re-enter the country while the borders remain closed.

At the 10am covid19 press briefing, Minister of National Security Stuart Young said the government has received requests from citizens worldwide from countries such as India, the US, UK and Saudi Arabia.

Though the government will progressively let citizens back into the country, they must incur the cost of their own transport, he said.

More than a score of those citizens from Guyana were working in the oil industry.

A woman in ill health in the Bahamas is trying to organise transport via an air ambulance using her health insurance.

When asked about the group from Venezuela who are unable to pay for their trip back into the country, Young said. “The Government cannot undertake repatriation of citizens around the world. We granted them permission…so we have done our part.”


"More nationals to return to TT"

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