Grande man charged for breaking stay-at-home order

File photo.
File photo.

A 58-year-old Sangre Grande businessman was arrested and charged on Thursday for breaking the Public Health Ordinance when he opened his store to the public.

Police from the Sangre Grande station went to the White Diamond Cosmetic store on the Cunapo Southern Main Road, Sangre Grande, at around 11 am, when several people were seen buying items.

Police said they arrested the store's owner, Ballyram Dave Chattergoon, and took him to the police station, where he was charged with violating the ordinance.

He appeared before a Sangre Grande magistrate to face the charges later that day.

Chattergoon is expected to return to court on June 26.

Investigators said they had warned Chattergoon about opening his store several times before.


"Grande man charged for breaking stay-at-home order"

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