A song for the times


AS the world continues to grapple with the covid19 pandemic, international psalmist Chevelle Franklyn has released her latest tracks, Go In Your Strength alongside a bonus track iPrevail, to uplift spirits.

The bonus track, part of her upcoming album South Wind: Volume 1, is "a song for the times," said a media release. The song song states:

By the blood of Jesus, I prevail over sickness

By the blood of Jesus, I prevail over sickness

iPrevail, iPrevail, iPrevail, iPrevail”

Franklyn said in the release, “iPrevail was recorded in South Africa over one year ago and written four years ago, God was ahead of us. We were all set to release our Anthem of the Ages, Go in Your Strength, yet God is pushing with this as well. Coronavirus will not take us because the blood of Jesus prevails.”

The release said Franklyn believes when ministry supersedes industry, anointing can override strategy. “iPrevail is an enduring declaration of hope and healing over our lives. The Holy Spirit is at work. Let not our hearts be troubled," she said.

The dual release was accompanied by the music video of the lead single, Go in Your Strength, shot at the legendary BOP Studio in Mahikeng, South Africa.

The album which features both tracks is set for release in mid-2020.


"A song for the times"

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