Balliram Maharaj thanks Barbados' PM

With all the negativity coming out of the TT nationals stranded in Barbados this month, Balliram Maharaj, CEO of ADM Import and Export Distributor, publicly and privately thanked Barbados' Prime Minister Mia Mottley by e-mail.

His letter read, "Madam Prime Minister, you responded decisively to this once in a lifetime crisis. Barbados did not reject our citizens, instead you went above and beyond the expected call of duty to ensure that they were comfortably housed and all their needs were adequately addressed."

In an interview, Maharaj told Newsday he had been listening to negative reports in the news about people only being critical, without being constructive, and thought he throw a positive voice into the conversation.

He said the criticism about the way the 33 citizens who were stranded were treated was not fair to both TT's Prime Minister and Barbados' as both governments were following rules and regulation laid down by scientific experts. Maharaj took a full page advertisement out in the paper to publicly show his support for both Prime Ministers. He said now is not the time to engage in partisan politics, but to show a unified support of the people working to keep the country safe from covid19.


"Balliram Maharaj thanks Barbados’ PM"

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