Free data from bmobile and Digicel to UWI users

Bmobile and Digicel have collaborated with the University of the West Indies (UWI) to offer zero rated data access to UWI websites.

In a release on Friday, UWI said it was pleased to advise that the providers had agreed to a three-month waiver of data access charges for those accessing UWI-affiliated websites on the respective networks.

The university said as part of the campus’s commitment to its community, particularly current and prospective students, this will remove some of the costs associated with remote learning and access.

Zero-rating has already been implemented on both the bmobile and Digicel networks.

UWI said the service would continue on both networks until July 10.

“Persons can use their broadband plan at home to access the zero-rated sites. Since it is a specified amount per month, no change is expected in cost.

“Persons using their smart phones must have a data plan. When they access the-zero rated sites, they will not be charged.

UWI also said people could use their phones as a hotspot at home to access internet if needed and only the sites listed.

The list of zero-rated websites include St Augustine Campus and Cave Hill Campus


"Free data from bmobile and Digicel to UWI users"

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