Nailah treats 146,000 audience with Digicel online concert

A screen-grab of Nailah Blackman performing an online concert in collaboration with Digicel. -
A screen-grab of Nailah Blackman performing an online concert in collaboration with Digicel. -

SOCA star Nailah Blackman’s collaborative online concert with Digicel gained over 146,000 views on Facebook. The songstress treated the audience with a few of her top hits, including some acoustic performances.

Before she began , Blackman reminded the public to follow all the necessary precautions to help reduce the spread of the covid19 virus.

“I hope that you guys are staying home, staying safe. Stay inside yuh house! Make sure you wash your hands often, sanitise often…

“Now is a really dangerous time and it’s really important for us to look out for each other.”

With her bright, multicoloured guitar, she performed acoustic versions of O’ Lawd Oye, Nobody and Sweet and Loco, on Sunday.

She said she wrote Nobody when she was 15 years old – a time she found it difficult to love herself.

“I was so torn. I saw other people that I looked up to and I looked in the mirror and I didn’t look like them. And I saw people I wanted to look like and that was not who I was.

“For so long wishing and wanting to be something that I’m not, I said ‘You know what? Who could ever love me if I don’t love myself and appreciate my own and true natural beauty?’”

The song highlights features such as dark lips, oily skin and kinky hair as opposed to blonde hair. It also has lines like, “I’m different and that makes me beautiful.”

Along with the instrumentals for the songs, she also performed hits like Iron Love, Showtime, Bam Bam Season and Boujee.

The concert lasted 48 minutes. She told viewers she was grateful to have had the opportunity to spend some time with them.

“We’re gonna overcome corona(virus) together,” she said.

Digicel launched the concert series on March 22. It said it is an effort to provide entertainment for those stuck at home. It features local artistes who perform a live concert in their living room.


"Nailah treats 146,000 audience with Digicel online concert"

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