TSTT: Deferring customers payments 'complex matter'

bmobile message to customers to use its online services. TSTT says it has experienced a surge in online use during the covid19 pandemic. -
bmobile message to customers to use its online services. TSTT says it has experienced a surge in online use during the covid19 pandemic. -

THE national lockdown over the covid19 pandemic has led to a surge in online activity for which TSTT has had to respond to by upgrading its infrastructure, the company said on Thursday.

TSTT was replying to calls made by a member of the public to Sunday Newsday asking if they and other service providers could ease their fees for one to two months for people who had lost their jobs or other earnings during the pandemic.

“This is a complex matter since TSTT’s financial commitments cannot be deferred,” the company replied. “Additionally, the company has been incurring significant cost increases necessary to facilitate data traffic surges.”

Concurrently, TSTT is sympathetic to some customers' inability to make payments. “We will continue to monitor this and accommodate where possible.”

TSTT explained how demand has risen and is set to continue to do so.

“As with all networks around the world, the surge in online activity, including working and studying from home, has increased overall network throughput by an average of 35-40 per cent.

“This level of activity is only expected to increase in the coming weeks and, as such, TSTT has implemented a series of network enhancements to ensure quality assurance.”

These enhancements will be even further improved after the Telecommunications Authority of TT’s (TATT’s) recent approval to TSTT's request for additional spectrum.

TSTT boasted of resilience by design.

“TSTT has been rigorously monitoring and optimising the network to continue providing optimal service to all customers.

“We have implemented a series of network assurance and capacity upgrades to manage the increase in traffic.” They have built their network to allow for seamless capacity increase.

“As part of our business continuity plans, we’ve developed our internet infrastructure, including the sub-sea capacity expansions to respond optimally in times of crisis.

“Further to this, to ensure uninterrupted service, TSTT has increased reserve power in key areas such as Caura, Couva and Balandra, and a dedicated focus on healthcare services in general.”

The Caura and Couva hospitals are the main medical institutions for covid19 patients and 22 people remain in quarantine at a facility in Balandra.

Asked if enough outlets are open in the lockdown for customers to pay.

TSTT replied, “We closed most of our bmobile stores, leaving open the ones we considered as essential.” Some 24 bmobile stores remain open with altered hours to process transactions and service related requests. “We, however, encourage our customers to use the online platform, b-online, to pay bills and manage their accounts from the safety of their homes.”

Customers can also top-up their prepaid accounts online through the app, bmobiletop-up, or via the website or .

TSTT now has safety measures to protect customers who visit bmobile stores. On top of more cleaning and sanitising counters and high-touch surfaces, stores enforce social distancing practices and observe the Government's mandate for no more than five people to gather at one location.

“The flow of traffic is actively being managed to ensure that customers receive the highest quality of service in the safest possible way.”

Customers can contact us TSTT at (824-TSTT), live chat at bmobile.co.tt, or on the social media channels, Facebook,, Instagram, and Twitter.


"TSTT: Deferring customers payments 'complex matter'"

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