Bmobile gives CSEC pupils free Math classes during lockdown

TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott.  - JEFF K MAYERS
TSTT CEO Ronald Walcott. - JEFF K MAYERS

THE country’s 20,000 pupils who will write the 2020 CSEC Mathematics Exam in May/June can access free online revision through a partnership between bmobile and local NGO, Restore A Sense of I Can (RSC).

This collaboration offers cost-free, zero-data access to a website and the hosting of the platform, server, videos and software, a TSTT statement said on Thursday.

TSTT CEO Dr Ronald Walcott said zero-rated data access means any CSEC student using a bmobile data plan will be able to log on to the Mathematics revision platform for free.

“Given that there is no charge to use the mathematics platform, whether a student has available data credit or not, is irrelevant. All students can now access this very high-level mathematics content for free.

“Technology availability levels the playing field.”

Bringing technology and education together provides equal access regardless of socio-economic background or geography, he said.

“We are proud to be the technology partner for this critical educational platform and will continue to invest in our nation’s children.”

Dharamrajh Ramdass, a RSC director, said the initiative will let him reach more pupils than ever before.

He thanked bmobile for its funding and support, including their zero-rated data for the project.

“This is critical because when you are dealing with the lower socio-economic areas, internet connectivity and affordability are often huge issues. However, zero-rated data will eliminate all of these challenges.

“We now have a situation where students do not need to have money on their data plan to access our website and use the CSEC content. This means we will now be able to reach students that were previously not possible.”

Ramdass said the programme will focus on the innovative use of technology to reach the students nationwide by way of live interactive webinar training, a peer support forum, online tutorials, online mock exams, and pre-recorded animated videos as past paper solutions.

“The covid19 situation has more or less grounded the education sector to a halt. We are trying to help so that our students don’t lose a year of their life. We are very grateful for bmobile’s support. They reached out at a time when the country is in need.”

RSC is a partner of the Caribbean Association of Principals of Secondary Schools (CAPSS), of which the Association of Principals of Secondary Schools of TT (APPSSTT) is a member. APPSSTT will help roll out the platform in schools nationwide. Volunteer principals, teachers and final year UWI medical students, many of whom are national scholarship winners, act as tutors, peer counsellors and content developers. The peer-to-peer support forum brings the higher performing students together with the other pupils to provide additional support to those who need it. Schools interested in using the programme can call RSC at 474-3280 or 222-2168 or email

The website will be launched on Tuesday, with details available on bmobile’s Facebook page.


"Bmobile gives CSEC pupils free Math classes during lockdown"

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